Carole Elsworth of No.56, Penzance, Cornwall

Opened in 2013, No.56 houses a very personal selection of homeware, accessories and clothing, that I consider to be both beautiful and useful.

With my training and background in mens and womenswear design (and more recently running an artisan bakery), No.56 reflects my lifelong love of natural materials and simple designs, beautifully done. Whether handcrafted or not, the pieces are all made with care and attention to detail - well designed to suit their purpose. Products are not chosen by price or brand, but simply by answering the question - does it make my heart sing ?

My perfect start to the day - cereal from a hand thrown Peter Swanson bowl - a joy. 

So, you may find an index finger shaped nib sitting alongside a beautiful hand thrown bowl, a gorgeously soft organic cotton throw next to a pure beeswax candle.

This online selection gives a glimpse into the Chapel Street store for those not able to visit. I hope you will find some of my choices as appealing as I do and if you are ever in Penzance, please do call in and say hello - I can tell you all about my latest favourite finds...

Best wishes,

Carole Elsworth