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Jonathan Hyde of Hyde Wares


"Hyde Wares was born from an urge to slow down, to design and make a range of leather items that would stand the test of time and grow with the owner" 

This statement from Jonathan Hyde perfectly sums up the purpose behind Hyde Wares, the leather goods range designed and made in his home studio in Brighton.

Jonathan's father was a carpenter, which helped to instil in him an appreciation of craft and working with the hands. This was reinforced by a time living in Portugal, with it's strong tradition of leather working.

hyde wares leathers

Jonathan has chosen to work with veg-tan leather, both for it's aesthetic and ethical reasons. This is an ancient method of tanning leather, using only natural materials. The technique, although lengthy, avoids the use of harmful chemicals.

hyde wares tool selection

In common with many makers, for Jonathan it is the process of making which gives him the greatest pleasure - the touch and feel of the leather, the tools and the careful stitching.

hyde wares belt

He pays great attention to detail and this really does shine through in his finished work. His pieces are a joy to hold and use, and will only be enhanced by the patina which comes from use and age.

hyde wares natural

We are pleased to have a selection of Hyde Wares  leather goods both in store and online.

 Many thanks to Hyde Wares for the beautiful images.




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