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It is always a pleasure to see Duibhne and her family in the shop - they have been regular customers since we opened.

It was therefore a happy discovery to find she is the daughter of Breon O'Casey and a highly successful jeweller in her own right.

Duibhne has been making jewellery from her father's anvil since her late teens and later assisted him on various creative projects. "It is from my father that I learnt to keep things simple; and the traditional techniques that I use, such as working the metal with a hammer, add to this simplicity."
Duibhne Gough studio
Working from her studio in Cornwall, she makes pieces in hand beaten silver, 18ct gold and semi-precious stones, creating jewellery that is individual, elegant and very wearable.
Duibhne Gough necklace and earrings 
Duibhne Gough silver chain necklaces


 We are delighted to have a selection of Duibhne's work in our "across a cobalt sky" collection at No.56/makers - running throughout October 2020.

You can see more work by Duibhne Gough here.


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