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When I first met Ros Badger I was surprised our paths hadn't crossed before as I discovered more about her work as a knitwear designer.

She needs little introduction for those of you who are keen knitters or crafters as Ros is the author of several books and writes regular inspiring magazine articles on all things handmade, along with her workshops, styling and pop-up shops ...


Ros Badger Crochet

She also had a very successful children's knitwear company, Little Badger but has more recently set up  Badgers' Velvet.  

   Ros Badger Beggars' Velvet

Badgers' Velvet is a celebration of traditional skills and fine materials used well. I wholeheartedly agree with this quote from the manifesto : " Keep hand and eye firmly placed on every product ensuring each is unique and made with care "


Ros has enjoyed making things from an early age and shares my love for hand crafted items that are simple yet beautifully made. Her enthusiasm and creativity is a great inspiration !

 Photographs supplied by Ros Badger.

Further details of Badgers' Velvet can be found here.

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