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A natural home - washing-up

Posted by Natalie Coe on

Washing-up at No.56, Penzance, Cornwall

In so many cases, it’s a state of mind that turns a chore from being a joy into, well, a chore; if you view it negatively it will feel like a drag, however, if you try to find the positives, things can turn-around for the better.

Washing-up at No.56, Penzance, Cornwall

One such example of a daily ‘chore’ which we find simple pleasure in, is washing-up. There is something about swishing your hands around in warm, soapy water, which is quite soothing. We love the act of gently washing some of our favourite plates, bowls and cups after a light lunch; it is a meditative task, a time to think and contemplate.

Wooden brushes at No.56, Penzance, Cornwall

Cooking for friends and used every pot and pan in the kitchen? Ask your guests to help with the washing-up, turn it in to team work to get the job done faster and make it sociable. After a big meal, it’s where we like to do our talking - I’ll wash, you dry and we will set the world to rights.

Washing-up at No.56, Penzance, Cornwall

Tasks can be made more enjoyable if you have the right tools to hand which are both beautiful and functional. Copper cleaners clean gently without scratching and make light work of baked-on scrambled egg. How a tool feels in your hand can also play a big part in how enjoyable a task is. Washing-up with a satisfyingly well-made wooden dish brush and drying-up with a freshly laundered linen tea towel can aid with the satisfied feeling of a job well done.

Now, to try to find some positivity in cleaning the toilet…

Copper cleaners at No.56, Penzance, Cornwall

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