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A natural home - elbow grease

Posted by Natalie Coe on

Scrubbing brushes at No.56, Penzance, Cornwall

All it takes is the right tools, a little bit of time and some elbow grease to keep your home clean and fresh. At No.56, we love the cleaning powers of a good scrubbing brush, natural abrasive cloths, hot water and soap, or a sprinkling of bicarbonate of soda for those really grimy jobs.

The benefits of elbow grease are many - choosing natural tools and products reduces plastic waste and harmful chemicals, it can also burn calories during the act of cleaning, resulting in a healthy home and body!

Wooden scrubbing brushes at No.56, Penzance, Cornwall

We find that scrubbing the floors can be made more enjoyable and less of a chore, by using a well-designed wooden brush, which pleasingly fits in the hand. Our floor-cleaner of choice is simply hot water with a squirt of eco washing-up liquid in a metal bucket.

Natural cleaning at No.56, Penzance, Cornwall

Bicarbonate of soda is an effective, yet gentle, abrasive cleaner - sprinkled in to a sink and using a wooden brush to scrub, it can effectively remove stubborn stains; it can be applied to oil marks to absorb grease and it is fantastic for clearing drains when mixed with white vinegar. Bicarbonate of soda is also a great natural deodoriser and can be used to freshen smelly fridges and can be sprinkled on rugs or carpets before hoovering to remove pet or cooking smells.

Natural cleaning at No.56, Penzance, Cornwall

As mentioned in a previous post, we like to use local shops which can offer refillable or loose products. Archie Browns in Penzance offers a natural range of refillable cleaning products and the Weigh Inn sells bicarbonate of soda loose, by weight (they are happy to fill your own washable fabric food bags rather than using plastic). In addition, the first Friday of the month, Incredible Bulk - a mobile zero waste shop which sells loose, package-free food and home products - can be found parked outside Penzance Farmers’ Market.

Natural cleaning at No.56, Penzance, Cornwall

It’s reassuring to see the rise and increased popularity of these zero waste shops. We find this traditional shopping experience a real pleasure and it helps us to be more conscious consumers. Although this approach to cleaning and shopping may take a little more time and effort, rather than quick convenience, it’s about finding simple pleasures in having a cleaner home and a cleaner conscious.

You can shop our range of utility cleaning wares here.

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