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A natural home - all-purpose cleaner

Posted by Natalie Coe on

No.56, Penzance, Cornwall all-purpose cleaner

With the increase in concern over plastic consumption and the chemicals used within our homes, many of us are in search of a natural alternative, which has the added benefit of reducing waste.

In the first of a new series of blog posts focussed on alternatives to modern cleaning products, we would like to share with you a simple recipe for an all-purpose cleaner which can be made quickly, easily and cheaply at home from store cupboard ingredients and essential oils if desired.

100ml natural, biodegradable, washing-up liquid
200ml white vinegar
200ml cooled, boiled water 
5 drops orange essential oil (optional)
5 drops lemon essential oil (optional)
5 drops tea tree oil (optional)



This is an adaptation of various recipes which we found while looking for a cleaning spray we could make with products we already had in the larder. We are very lucky in Penzance to have Archie Browns which provides refillable eco washing-up liquid, eliminating the need for a new plastic container at each purchase. We also buy white vinegar in glass bottles from a local shop. The essential oils used are optional but they do add a fresh scent and help with the antibacterial properties. You could try other combinations too, such as lavender and rosemary, which smell beautiful and offer antifungal protection but care must be taken with regards to allergies or adverse reactions to essential oils.

The ingredients simply need to be mixed together and decanted in to reusable spray bottles. We think the used, cleaned bottles from our Honest range are a very handy size - you can have various bottles of cleaner dotted around the house for quick clean-ups. A little shake of the bottle is all that’s needed before each use to ensure that the ingredients are still well mixed.


No.56, Penzance, Cornwall all-purpose cleaner

This is a great all-purpose cleaner that works particularly well on soap scum, keeping glass shower screens squeaky clean without the need for heavy scrubbing. Every couple of days, simply spray on to the glass and rinse off to keep gunge at bay. For tougher grime build-up, spray and leave on for a few minutes, using a light abrasive cloth or brush to wipe before rinsing.

No.56, Penzance, Cornwall all-purpose cleaner

We have been using this homemade cleaning product for years now; it’s cheap, quick to make, contains no nasty chemicals and we think it works better that any standard shop-bought product we have used. A real win for the environment and for your pocket.

No.56, Penzance, Cornwall all-purpose cleaner

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